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Another decent week in store on local weather front

Another decent week in store on local weather front

It’s set to be another decent week on the local weather front.

That’s the verdict of Louth Weather in their latest forecast for the week ahead.

From today until Wednesday it is due to be dry and sunny and while it will get cloudier with more showers after that, things will get milder again slightly heading into next weekend.

Louth Weather’s forecast read as follows: “SUMMARY – Another decent, but not perfect, week to come. Dry and sunny Monday to Wednesday. Cloudier with more showers about later in the week. Milder Friday and Saturday, otherwise cooler than average.

“BACKGROUND – High pressure close by from Monday to Wednesday ensures some decent settled weather. However due to its position, it will drag in some annoying easterly winds, so it will be on the cool side, especially near the coast. Low pressure tries to push in from The Atlantic later in the week, but at this stage it does not look like succeeding.

“MONDAY – A mix of clouds and long sunny spells. Dry. Moderate easterly winds making it feel cooler. Max 14°C. Clear spells tonight. Windy with easterly winds gusting over 50kph.

“TUESDAY – Dry. Mostly sunny. Fresh and gusty easterly winds. Max 13°C.

“WEDNESDAY – Another dry and mostly sunny day. Easterly winds not as strong as on Tuesday, so feeling more pleasant at 14°C.

“THURSDAY – Cloudier than earlier in the week. Most areas dry, but some showers are possible. Moderate SE winds. Max 13°C.

“FRIDAY – Similar to Thursday. Milder at 15°C, which may lead to more showers forming.

“THE WEEKEND – It looks like we will have a mix of showers and sunny spells. Mild at 17°C with light winds on Saturday. Turning colder and windier on Sunday.

“FURTHER OUTLOOK: More high pressure = more good news! The week beginning Monday 11 May looks dry and settled with some good sunshine. The position of the high will determine where our air comes from, but at this very early stage it looks like our weather will remain on the cool side.”

You can follow Louth Weather’s updates here.