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A new broadband notification service launched

A new broadband notification service launched has launched via local company Digiweb.

It’s a new, free broadband notification service that will let rural homes and businesses know when the much-anticipated fibre roll-out has finally reached them.

Those who have been tracking the long, drawn-out process of implementing the National Broadband Plan (NBP) can now receive an email notifying them when they can finally order the service as opposed to being forced to periodically check for updates, explained Managing Director of Digiweb, Declan Campbell.

“New broadband technologies are being rolled out on a weekly basis in both urban and rural Ireland, with new and existing broadband services being upgraded by operators like Siro and Open Eir, not to mention the National Broadband Plan, which is still expected to be signed later this year,” Campbell said. “So, this simple notification service should make life easier for consumers.”

The process of bringing fibre broadband to every part of the island has been mired with political controversy and commercial delays, all of which have inflated the initial €1bn price tag.

At a global level, bringing fibre broadband to the wider population has proved necessary in gaining a decent foothold in the race to have the world’s fastest connectivity. Just this week, it was reported that Ireland ranked in 29th place in the worldwide measure of broadband speeds, with a mean download speed of 23.87Mbps. Ireland’s heavy investment in fibre broadband was credited as the primary factor behind it jumping seven places in the ranks compared to last year, representing faster-than-average growth.

Those interested in the Free Digiweb notification service can visit the website


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