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Advertise with us

The world might have changed quite a bit in recent years but the idea behind advertising has not.

Businesses and individuals advertise their product or service in the hope that as many people will see their message as possible. The more who see it, the better chance that that message will lead to a sale or conversion.

Here at Talk of the Town, we have transformed the way in which people consume news locally in the past few years.

Not only have we brought you more exclusive stories than anyone else but we’ve also revolutionised local media with the area’s first ever dedicated news app for iOS and Android. More people visit Talk of the Town on a daily basis than any other website in the North East. We have also a larger social media following than any other media outlet in Dundalk with the best reach and engagement rates.

That means that more people are looking at Talk of the Town than any other form of local media. In fact, in the last 12 months ( 2018/19) there were over 7 million page views on both our website and dedicated news app from over 980,000 unique users. (Source: Google Analytics).

So with the best advertising rates around and a wide variety of options to get your message across, why wouldn’t you advertise with Talk of the Town? Yes, the world might have changed quite a bit but getting your adverts noticed is still the primary goal of advertising and no one can get you noticed like Talk of the Town.

Unlike other media we can also give you an indication of just how many people have seen your ad so you’re not being spoofed by out of date circulation or listenership figures that would vary week by week anyway.

Amongst our advertising options are:

If you’re interested in any of the above or a customisable variety of them then don’t hesitate to contact us now for a quote at

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