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Appeal lodged against plans to refuse permission for mast at local GAA pitch

Appeal lodged against plans to refuse permission for mast at local GAA pitch

An appeal has been lodged with An Bord Pleanála against Louth County Council’s decision to refuse planning permission for a telecommunications mast at a local GAA pitch in Dundalk.

Shared Access Limited had lodged a planning application with the local authority seeking to install the mobile phone antenna at the Dundalk Young Irelands pitch at Rockfield Court, off Hoey’s Lane, in January.

They had been seeking permission to remove an existing 19.3m tall floodlight and replace it with a 27m monopole which would support telecommunications antennae for use by Eir and other operators, which with the installation of dishes, remote radio units and ground based equipment cabinets will provide 2G, 3G and 4G mobile electronic communication services.

The existing flood light lamps would have been reattached to the replacement structure at 19.3m.

This was rejected by the council at the end of February.

In reaching their verdict, the local authority said: “The proposed development is located on lands zoned ‘Recreation, Amenity and Open Space’ within the Dundalk & Environs Development Plan 2009 – 2015 where it is an objective ‘To provide for the provision of public parks, open spaces, amenity and recreational facilities.’

“The Planning Authority considers the proposed development to be a non permitted use which has not taken due account of the zoning objective of the lands in question. Accordingly, to allow permission would materially contravene the aforementioned policy provisions of Dundalk & Environs Plan 2009-2015 and thereby contrary to the proper planning and sustainable development of the area.”

Local resident Brendan Gill had objected to the application citing concerns over Electric Magnetic Frequeuncy Radiation which he feels can cause cancer, triples the risk of miscarriages and damages male reproductive health.

Now Shared Access Limited have appealed the decision. An Bord Pleanála are due to decide on the case by July 27th.