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Biggest building lift ever to take place in Ireland happens in Dundalk

Biggest building lift ever to take place in Ireland happens in Dundalk

The biggest building lift ever to take place in Ireland occurred in Dundalk recently.

The construction milestone took place at the former Riverside facility at the Coes Road, which is in the process of being revamped by Dundalk Fabrications & Coatings Ltd.

The 150 tonne roof was lifted to 14 metres overnight in what was a remarkable engineering feat.

The lift started at 9pm on Thursday July 26th and was finished by 7am the following Friday morning.

“This was never tried before and there was six months of planning put in to make it work,” said Niall Hughes of Dundalk Fabrications & Coatings.

Tanola Ltd, c/o Dundalk Fabrications were given the go ahead to restore, refurbish and reconfigure the former Riverside Manufacturing plant late last year.

The facility, which was used as a base for making uniforms from 1977, had been closed for a number of years with the building falling into disrepair and complaints that it had been used as a spot for illegal dumping.

The ongoing plans include sub-dividing the building into three business units, as well as carrying out façade alterations to the exterior including cladding and new window and door openings.

A 1,567sqm extension to the southern elevation is also being built.

As part of the application Tanola Ltd will also reinstate the primary existing entrance onto the Coes Road and develop site access to the north. They will also install sliding gates at both entrances and erect 2.5m high wire mesh boundary fencing around the site. Amongst other works being carried out include alterations/additions to the car parking layout, bicycle parking, landscaping, boundary treatments, ESB sub-station and temporary advertising signage to be located in the north east corner of the site.

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