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Breathnach calls on Government to ramp up Brexit awareness campaign

Breathnach calls on Government to ramp up Brexit awareness campaign

Local TD Declan Breathnach has called on the Government to escalate its Brexit awareness raising campaign to ensure small and medium enterprises can avail of all the supports and guidance available before October 31st.

Britain’s impending exit from the EU is set to have a major impact on Irish businesses, in particular in border areas such as Louth.

Fianna Fáil TD Breathnach wants to ensure that businesses are as prepared as possible for what awaits them in the event of a hard Brexit.

He said: “With the extension of Brexit to October 31st it seems that the Government became a bit complacent. Now that a ‘no-deal’ Brexit is looking more likely, it’s time to step up efforts.

“The Government has published their updated Brexit contingency plan and it is apparent that significantly more work needs to be done if Ireland is to be prepared in terms of business and trade.

“Revenue have identified over 90,000 businesses which traded with the UK in 2018. Yet, with just 108 days until October 31st, just 531 businesses have participated in the Brexit preparedness one-day workshops, run in all counties by Local Enterprise Offices.

“Open to businesses of all sizes, these customs workshops educate businesses on the potential impacts and procedures they will need to adopt when trading with a third country outside the Single Market and Custom Unions. The workshops cover vitally important areas such as tariffs, export and import procedures.

“Businesses need to engage and prepare themselves. Given the very low uptake, I would call on Minister Humphreys to immediately launch a national awareness campaign to increase uptake in these workshops,” he concluded.


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