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Breathnach seeks clarification on roaming charges post Brexit

Breathnach seeks clarification on roaming charges post Brexit

Local TD Declan Breathnach has sought clarification from Minister Richard Bruton to ensure that he will do all in his power to prevent the return of roaming charges post Brexit.

At present Irish mobile phone customers can use their calls and data anywhere in Europe as if they were at home but there are fears that expensive roaming charges could return when Britain leaves the European Union on March 29th.

Commenting on the matter, Fianna Fáil TD Breathnach said: “Inadvertent roaming happens all the time in the border region and indeed just north of where I live where the phone signal which is the strongest at any time is the one which your phone connects to.

“I would not wish to see mobile phone bills increase unfairly after Brexit for those living in the border area.  This is just another example of the lack of consideration shown to those residing in the border region both north and south.  The UK is currently a member of the EU Digital Single Market, but post 29th March if Britain leaves with no deal, this membership will cease.

“Both Governments need to ensure that free roaming is maintained on the island of Ireland and indeed between Ireland and the UK after Brexit.

“While I am aware that most of the large mobile service providers have stated that they have no plans to introduce roaming fees, we need to have this set in stone so that people will not need to worry about accidental roaming.  We need fairness for all,” said Deputy Breathnach.

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