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Butterflyz and Angelz on the move


Local wedding store Butterflyz and Angelz closed their premises in Park Street on Saturday ahead of their relocation to the Flurry Bridge Business Park, off the M1 at Junction 20 Jonesborough.

Commenting on their Facebook page, store owner Bernie Rice said: “Hey everyone, on one level I am sorry to say that we closed our beautiful shop in Dundalk yesterday because our lease was up. On a higher level we are sooo excited about our new ventures, yes plural, ventures! At Junction 20 Flurry Bridge business park. We now have two showrooms. one for our wedding and event planning and decor, Room Angelz, and one for our award winning wedding boutique, Butterflyz and Angelz.
“Please bear with us while we relocate and make sure that both are up to the standards that is expected of us.”

For further details call 086 805 1014.

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