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Campaign underway to help David represent Ireland at World Trisome Games

Campaign underway to help David represent Ireland at World Trisome Games

A fundraising table quiz will take place in Kennedy’s Bar this Saturday night to help send local man David O’Hare to Turkey to represent Ireland in the World Trisome Games at the end of March.

David’s mum Caroline, from Kingswood, has also set up a GoFundMe page to help the 2020 become the first track athlete to represent the country at the games.

In an article submitted to Talk of the Town, Caroline said: “My son David is representing Ireland in the world Trisome Games 2020, Turkey, at the end of March. He will be the first track athlete to do so.

“David was born on the 3/11/99 just as we were about to celebrate the new millennium. But almost instantly we knew he was in trouble 1. He had Down syndrome 2. He was blue and struggling for breath, but when you’re told your baby has Down syndrome it’s a shock but when they tell you your baby is dying that’s a whole different ball game.

“David was in special care babies, his heart was so badly damaged that he would need surgery within the first few weeks of life. We were then asked by his doctors would we be willing to learn to tube feed so that we could take our baby home. We jumped at the chance. So we were able to take David home for his first Christmas and the new millennium.

“In the second week in January we got a call to say there was a place for him in Birmingham children’s hospital, so away we went leaving our daughter Rebekah with family and promising her we would take her little brother home healthy.

“He received the most wonderful care in Birmingham and true to our promise thank God we brought David home.

“To say that was David’s only struggle would be wishful thinking but I just wanted to give you an idea of this young man and his life and how he went from a heart baby to the young man you see today. He is an absolute inspiration to all young athletes who hopefully will follow in his footsteps,” said Caroline.

The 2020 Trisome Games, a multisport event, takes place in Turkey from March 31st to April 7th – hosting teams with athletes with Down Syndrome from over 33 countries in 8 sports.

Caroline said: “Sport plays a crucial part in the world population’s lives. It offers the same values, pleasures and satisfaction to persons with Down Syndrome. In addition, it is an invaluable means by which social, physical and psychological skills can be taught and learned. Athletes with Down Syndrome competing at an elite level not only provide role models for others, but also assist in breaking down the prejudice and ignorance which so badly restricts the lives of people with Down Syndrome.

“This event will create the platform on which players with Down Syndrome can test their skills against their peers and form new relationships to strengthen the sport as a whole.
“We would love if the Irish people could get behind this amazing young man,” said Caroline.

As well as the table quiz this Saturday at 8.30pm in Kennedy’s, you can donate to the GoFundMe page for David here.

Pictured above: David with his coach Lillian O’Hanlon