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Carlingford Lough Ferry vows to keep on sailing despite threat of Brexit

Carlingford Lough Ferry vows to keep on sailing despite threat of Brexit

The operators of the Carlingford Lough Ferry have vowed to keep on sailing despite the potential impact of Brexit.

With the possibility of the border between the United Kingdom and Europe being in the middle of the Irish Sea that poses a potential threat for the business given it crosses several times daily from Greenore to Greencastle and vice versa.

Run by Frazer Ferries, the Carlingford Lough Ferry has proven to be hugely popular with both locals and tourists since its maiden voyage in July 2017.

While the threat of Brexit looms large over the business, a post on their Facebook page last night outlined how the company vows to “keep on sailing.”

It read: “It won’t be plain sailing.

“But we will be sailing.

“Linking our communities on both sides of Carlingford Lough.

“Bringing families and friends together.

“Helping commuters get home a little quicker for the important things.

“Ferrying golfers to their beloved fairways.

“Keeping cars, buses, lorries and tractors rolling on and off. And the odd sheep or three.

“Delivering hikers and bikers to the hills and valleys.

“Introducing kids to our local seals, otters and dolphins.

“And giving tourists their first glimpse of the spectacular Cooley Peninsula and majestic Mountains of Mourne.

“Our lough was a natural border long before it became a political one.

“We’ve had hard times in the past and we’ve overcome them.

“So whatever kind of border Brussels and Westminster come up with, we’ll continue crossing it.

“Doing what we’ve always done, connecting people.”