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Carlingford Marina advises berth holders to check on boats before arrival of tropical storm Helene next week

Carlingford Marina advises berth holders to check on boats before arrival of tropical storm Helene next week

Carlingford Marina has advised berth holders to check on their boats this weekend ahead of the arrival of ex-hurricane/tropical storm Helene to Ireland next week.

While the worst of the storm is due to have passed before its arrival in Ireland on Monday night/Tuesday morning, people have been advised to take precautions to avoid any damage.

Carlingford Marina said: “We have been monitoring Storm Helene as it tracks North East from the Azores. It is expected to hit Ireland on Monday night / early Tuesday morning.

“Looking at today’s weather predictions, the worst of the winds that will hit us are from the South East early on Tuesday morning, veering South West until late that afternoon.

“With any luck, the power of this storm will dissipate as the eye of the storm moves up the Irish Sea  but never the less, we advise all berth holders to make the following checks on their boats this weekend:

  • Check warps and mooring lines, and make sure your bow and stern springs are adequately set to prevent “rubbing” in your berth.
  • Check that your fenders are positioned correctly and are inflated to the recommended PSI.
  • Remove, stow away or lash down any loose equipment on deck.
  • Ensure all sails, spray hoods and awnings are correctly stowed away, and lash any sails that might come free in high winds. Better yet – remove any sails, particularly those on roller reefing.
  • Check your neighbour’s boat and ensure that they too are adequately prepared for storm force winds.

For boats in hard standing; please do the same checks as above, and the following:

  • Check your cradle and ensure that all pads are positioned correctly on a strong part of your hull.
  • Tighten up any acrow-props that may have come loose over time.
  • Ensure your boat is lashed down to the concrete blocks either side.
  • If your boat is on a trailer; chock the wheels.”

They added: “This will be the first storm to hit us after months of settled weather so please make the effort to come down this weekend and make sure your boat is safe and ready.

“If you have any concerns please contact Jonny on 042 93 73072 / 087 652 4820.”

Met Éireann said: “Current indications are that (ex-) tropical storm Helene will approach Ireland’s south coast during Tuesday.

“It is likely to bring wet and windy weather later on Tuesday, but at the moment there are no indications that it will bring any severe or damaging weather.”


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