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Catholic marriages account for less than half of all weddings in Louth last year

Catholic marriages account for less than half of all weddings in Louth last year

There were 521 marriages in Co Louth last year, new figures from the Central Statistics Office have revealed.

Some 507 of these were opposite-sex with 14 same-sex marriages.

Less than half of the opposite-sex marriages were Catholic ceremonies with the 237 marriages equating to 46.7% of the overall total.

While this figure continues to fall, down from 53% in 2018, Catholic marriages continue to account for the majority of those in the county for opposite-sex couples.

A further 147 civil marriages between opposite-sex couples were registered. This accounted for 29% of the overall total, up from 26.2% in 2018.

There were also 49 humanist, 40 spiritualist, five Church of Ireland and one Presbyterian marriage in the county last year with a further 28 falling under ‘other religious denominations’.

Of the 14 same-sex marriages seven were civil marriages, three were humanist, three were spiritualist and one fell under ‘other religious denominations’.

In total nine of the same-sex marriages in Louth last year involved males while five involved females.

The 521 marriages were down from 552 in 2018 when there were 519 opposite sex marriages and 33 same-sex marriages.

The average age for a groom getting married to a bride in Louth last year was 37.7 while the average bride marrying a groom was 35.2.

Some 89.9% of grooms in Louth married a bride from the same county while 88.5% of brides married a groom from the same county.