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Clarke describes repair work on Jocelyn Street footpath as an ‘eyesore’

Clarke describes repair work on Jocelyn Street footpath as an ‘eyesore’

A well known local businessman has hit out at the shoddy repair work carried out outside his premises at Jocelyn Street, describing it as an “eyesore”.

Paddy Clarke of Paddy Clarke Photography had hoped that the footpath outside his studio would be repaired for some time but was shocked to see it simply covered over with concrete when he arrived to work on Friday.

This prompted him to take to Facebook with a post that hit out at Louth County Council for their lack of engagement with both him and other local businesses, particularly since the “cycle lane debacle” with many on Jocelyn Street unhappy with the lay out and design of the cycle lanes that has resulted in less parking in the area.

Paddy said: “Yesterday drove into work on Jocelyn Street and was delighted to see that the pavement was been repaired until I got a little closer and seen that it was repaired with tarmac. It is an eyesore and I started to wonder is this a temporary measure or will we be looking at this as it cracks in 6 months.

“I have given up on getting in contact with council because we don’t get an answer after the cycle lane debacle. We wrote to council when the cycle lane was planned and we didn’t get a reply, we talked to councillors and got no joy from them, so what do we do?

“There are 23 businesses in Jocelyn Street and all paying rates, a school, apartments and houses. It is one of the busiest roads coming into Dundalk, coming off the bypass, and it is a shambles since the cycle lane came.

“I have lived or worked in Jocelyn Street for 60 years and have seen a once beautiful street been turned into an eyesore. If any councillors are reading this I would love to hear your comments.”

Others weighed in behind Paddy describing the work as “awful” and “a total disgrace” while one said it looks as if they got a three year old to do it.

Former councillor and local election candidate Oliver Morgan said: “This is shabby workmanship. Looks as if it was a cost saving exercise. The whole footpath needs to be replaced full stop. If this was viewed by an engineer and passed as being fit to walk on, the engineer should be sacked.”

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