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Classified Records celebrating their fifth anniversary this weekend

Classified Records celebrating their fifth anniversary this weekend

Classified Records is celebrating its 5th birthday this weekend, Friday 14th & Saturday 15th of August. 

A very long time had passed since Dundalk had a fully-fledged record shop, but Classified Records opened on August 14th 2015 and are celebrating their fifth anniversary this weekend. 

This popular shop, situated in The Demesne in the centre of town has helped accelerate the re-emergence of vinyl as a popular music format that was once considered defunct. Once again, vinyl is universally en-vogue and has also developed into a concrete interest for younger music lovers who grew up in the digital age. It’s truly a small wonder that this analogue technology can thrive in a wireless world of Spotify, music apps, free downloads and cloud sharing. 

Owner, Neil Waters, the creator of Classified Records who has overseen the revival, commented;  “The key to success is survival. Its one thing opening a shop to great initial excitement but it’s another thing keeping it going through the leaner months of a year. There’s lots of slog involved but its all part of the job; nothing is truly earned without graft & long hours”. 

“What seemed like a good idea in the summer of 2015 has rung true. A good idea is can grow to define you or destroy you so you have to back your words with actions. We have been here every single day like clockwork; we never open late and never close early. A record shop must have an old-fashioned vibe to it; after all we are selling a product that dates back over 100 years”.

“The last 5 years have flown by. We might all be suffering from time dilation and maybe people can’t believe it’s been 5 years already but it is; we’ve been doing this for over 1,800 days. The shop hasn’t changed much in that time because it doesn’t need to; we sell records and we talk about music. There’s no need to change the key if the song is in tune”.

A lot has changed in the world of music in the last six months, however Classified Records are ready to face this new landscape of flux by being equipped for the challenges ahead.

“Obviously there is room for evolution and we’re always adapting our approach. We’ve got major plans for an e-commerce website which is being launched on Sept 1st. We’ve already got an online marketplace shop on Discogs for second-hand records plus we’ve recently added a card-payment machine. We can do deliveries or arrange collection points. Whatever happens down the road, we will be able to always offer a service.

“Music is a way of life. It connects and resonates deep within us. Music is one of the original liberal arts which dates back to the 4th Century AD and could almost be categorised as a ‘god-given virtue’ and therefore its importance for mental health well-being cannot be underestimated. Music is a brilliant hobby and a great thing to have in common; many relationships are formed through a shared love of a certain type of music.” 

Neil said Classified Records are indebted to their customers who have enthusiastically enjoyed the experience of having a physical record shop in the north-east. Many connections have been made through its mere existence. 

“Over the last 5 years, we’ve seen a lot of traffic and made plenty of new friends. It has been a life-changing experience to be involved in Dundalk’s only record shop and we really hope that it’s been fun for everyone else too. We put our back into this job and it’s been fantastic to connect spiritually with so many music lovers. Honestly, we’ve learned so much from our customers about various types of music and this interaction has helped improve the shops range & selection. We strive to keep the vinyl bays fresh and full of interesting titles. There’s a particular delight in buying a record and we really enjoy being able to provide this platform. 

 “A record shop is a community hub that lives in harmony with its customer base and we have to graciously thank all our clientele and well-wishers. It’s been a long enjoyable journey so far and all we want to do is keep it moving forwards. We’re all in this together.”

Classified Records will be celebrating in style this weekend. They are giving away a free LP every day this week on their social media platforms and are doing various other weekend giveaway campaigns. The shop will be stacked with excellent special anniversary vinyl offers so be sure to check in with them on their big 5th birthday this Friday 14th and Saturday 15th of August.