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Corr calls on the public to ‘be the voice for the voiceless’ in referendum

Corr calls on the public to ‘be the voice for the voiceless’ in referendum

Dundalk musician Jim Corr has opened up on why he will be voting no in the forthcoming abortion referendum on Friday May 25th.

The eldest member of The Corrs called on people to ‘be the voice for the voiceless’ in a new YouTube video released last night.

Jim acknowledges in the clip that at times he has been branded “crazy” or a “conspiracy theorist” as a result of comments that were attributed to him that he claims he never said.

However the 53-year-old guitarist asked people do they trust the Government to handle something as sensitive as the Eighth Amendment.

Corr said “perhaps existing laws need to be amended” but expressed his fear that pre-born children would have no protection if next week’s referendum is passed in its current format.

Jim said: “I have a voice and I’m very grateful for it. Some of us don’t have voices and it takes people like us to speak out on their behalves.

“Regarding repealing the 8th Amendment, I was of course very concerned about there being adequate protections in place for our mothers, our sisters and for our daughters but leading consultants have stated that the Eighth does not prevent how they do their job and any suggestion that they cannot intervene to protect women is deliberately misleading the Irish people, their words.

“Do you trust the Government to do the right thing by the people of Ireland? Did you trust them when you were promised jobs and recovery if you voted yes to the Lisbon Treaty? Did you realise when you voted yes to the Children’s Rights Referendum that you were handing more power to the State over your children? Did you trust the Government when they put banks before people and before the critical institutions that some people depend on? Were you okay with the imposition of austerity? Are you okay with hospital waiting lists and hospital beds in corridors? Were you okay with the government allowing vulture funds to operate in the country? Are you okay with people being evicted from their homes all across this country while the Government turns a blind eye? Do you ignore the Cervical Check scandal and the Breast Check scandal? What about the homeless situation? What about the suicide situation that is tearing families apart?

“Do you trust this Government? Perhaps existing laws need to be amended to protect our most vulnerable but what kind of a Pandora’s box are we opening by repealing the Eighth Amendment, dismantling the Constitution and removing the only protection that pre-born children have?

“Are you comfortable giving the Government complete control over the legislation that they pass if the Eighth is repealed?

“A group of 200 lawyers, including judges, have said that a Yes vote and Simon Harris’ abortion legislation would allow abortion on demand up to nearly six months. A vote for repeal would not only remove complete protection for pre-born children in Ireland, it would give the Government a blank cheque to introduce whatever abortion laws they want.”

He concluded: “Your no vote matters. Let’s be a voice for the voiceless.”

Check out Jim’s message below…

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