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Council criticised for failure to empty dog litter bins along Navvy Bank

Council criticised for failure to empty dog litter bins along Navvy Bank

Louth County Council have come in for stern criticism over their failure to empty the dog litter bins along the Navvy Bank, off the Point Road.

The scenic amenity is a popular place for local people to walk their dogs. Dog fouling has been an issue in the past but a local man has argued that efforts to keep the pathway clean aren’t helped by the council’s failure to empty special bins provided along the route.

Under new by-laws introduced last year, anyone walking their dog in a public place must carry suitable receptaclesm such as a paper bag or pooper scooper, to remove and dispose of the any animal droppings immediately.

Anyone found to be breaching the new laws faces a €150 fine, with court proceedings to be issued if it goes unpaid, where a fine of up to €1,900 can be imposed.

While the majority of people with dogs have complied with these new by-laws aimed at clamping down on the issue of dog fouling on our roads and pathways, their cause isn’t being helped by the failure of the council to empty the bins for the dog waste.

One local man out walking his dog yesterday evening captured several images of the dog bins overflowing with dog litter and said he had nowhere to dispose of it.

He told Talk of the Town: “How can the council expect dog-walkers to dispose of dog litter when they don’t bother emptying the limited number of bins down there?”

Are there other areas of the town affected in such a way?

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