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Daly describes rental costs as a ‘scandal’

Daly describes rental costs as a ‘scandal’

Local election candidate Eoin Daly has described the rent costs across the country as a “scandal”.

The Green Party candidate for Dundalk-Carlingford said that the most recent news of further rent hikes are a scandal of the government’s making.

“We need change and we need it now,” said Daly.

“Nothing has been done to improve or curtail the rising costs despite our Government announcing a housing crisis at the end of 2018.

“The government has to take responsibility and must be held accountable for these outrageous rent prices. They have presided over a rental market where the cost of renting a home is more than owning it.”

Daly was commenting in the wake of the most recent Daft report which has found that the average price to rent a property in Co Louth is now €1,206. The report has also shown a year on year increase of 7.6%. The report from Daft also states the rental prices are now higher than at the peak height of the boom and that there are only 82 houses available for rent in the county.

Daly said: “What County Louth needs is the introduction of a cost rental model of social housing and I am fully committed to providing this.

“The price of housing should be dictated by the cost of construction and public money should not be used to enrich private landlords. This is not an ideological viewpoint, but a pragmatic one. The current system is not working and must be fixed fast before it continues to decline and force more families from their homes.”


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