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DkIT students resitting ‘compromised’ exam today

DkIT students resitting ‘compromised’ exam today

Final year Agriculture students at Dundalk Institute of Technology will retake an exam today, after a test taken last week was “compromised”.

Dundalk IT said it is carrying out an extensive review of its overall examination procedures after what is believed to have been an exam paper leak.

According to RTÉ News, 37 final year Agriculture students sat the two-hour farm management examination on May 14th.

The college said it became aware this week that a number of students had gained sight of the exam questions beforehand.

It then informed students that they would have to retake the test as it launches an investigation into the leak.

In a statement the Head of the School of Health and Science, Dr Edel Healy, said this approach was deemed to be the most appropriate and fair course of action.

The examination is due to take place today. Those who are unable to sit it today can retake it in August.

The college said it will carry out an “extensive review” of its overall examination procedures.


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