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Dry weather expected until Sunday

Dry weather expected until Sunday

The weather locally is expected to be dry until Sunday and while rain will fall then and possibly into Monday, a good week is in store next week.

That’s the verdict of Louth Weather in their latest update this morning.

While the weather is expected to be good today, tomorrow and Saturday, Louth Weather has played down tabloid reports of a heatwave.

They said: “Some hazy high clouds about this morning but I’m hoping these will burn away later to give long periods of blue skies and sunshine. Cool for the time of year at 13°C (certainly not the heatwave the tabloids promised us).

“Dry FRIDAY and SATURDAY but a lot more cloud about.

“I mentioned last Monday that things get more complicated on Sunday when an Atlantic rain front tries to push east across Ireland. High pressure to our east will slow this rain’s progress. These situations are very hard to forecast, but very interesting to watch.

“Sometimes the High winds and the rain never reach us. Sometimes it loses and the rain pushes quickly through. And sometimes there’s a draw and the rain comes to a complete halt. This last option is most likely this weekend which means Sunday is looking wet. It may even hang about through Monday too.

“On a positive note my early analysis of next week’s charts show high pressure returning so fingers crossed the weather should be good.”

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