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Dundalk-based film selected for Scandinavian Film Festival

Dundalk-based film selected for Scandinavian Film Festival

A new film called Nameless which was predominantly shot in Dundalk has been selected for the Scandavian International Film Festival.

JK Marshall

Nameless was written, produced, directed and edited by former Dundalk IT film student JK Marshall and is the only Irish film to be included in the forthcoming Carlow Film Festival

Nameless was self funded by Marshall and fellow DkIT graduate and co-producer Alan Donnelly. Other DkIT graduates to work on the shoot included Andrew Grafton (audio), Odhrain Soanes (sound assist) and Eric Scott (camera assist).

Amongst the locations featured in Nameless include The Home Bakery, The Phoenix Bar, The oriel Centre and DkIT.

Nameless centres around five main characters and is about a troubled homicide detective called Charlie Grey who discovers something sinister while investigating a series of murders.

During the investigation he meets Fiona (played by Lynseyann Mulvey) and Jamie (played by Kealan Ryan) – they are a young couple who make vlogs, or video blogs.

The film’s description asks: “What is their connection to the case, will they be the next victims or are they somehow involved with the murders.

“With the help of Charlie’s partner Jack (played by Daniel Brady) and friend Michael (played by Barney Gadd), can he piece together the evidence and apprehend the killer before it’s too late.”

Check out for more information or check out the trailer below.


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