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Dundalk Cricket Club launch GoFundMe campaign to raise funds

Dundalk Cricket Club launch GoFundMe campaign to raise funds

Dundalk Cricket Club have launched a GoFundMe campaign to help support the club.

With Covid-19 already having an impact on fundraising plans and various events, the club were dealt a further blow recently when their pitch at Hiney Park was vandalised with a section of turf cut out on June 5th.

The club are hoping to raise €2,500 in funding and have so far taken in close to €1,000.

They said: “Dundalk Cricket Club is a community-run Sports Club that offers access to Cricket to a rich and diverse community in Dundalk. We have players from ages of 16 all the way up to 70, and from many backgrounds who enjoy this sport in a fun, friendly and exciting way!

“We have a strong sense of community and have a network of volunteers who devote their time and skills to ensure the club continues to survive and eventually grow! Apart from cricket, we hold regular community events like Quiz Nights, Social Gatherings and volunteering in local schools to ensure all our members integrate into the local community in a positive manner.

“Like every other organisation, COVID-19 has had a severe impact on our Club. To safeguard the health of our members and community, this year we have not started our season and therefore not collected any funds in the form of subscriptions from our players. Unfortunately, we still have to pay for our overheads (Equipment, Ground Maintenance, Insurance etc) and need crucial funds to survive this year. As this is a community-run club, we have no other source of income to meet our costs.

“What added fuel to the fire was an act of vandalism where some hooligans destroyed part of our pitch and we have to repair the damages. This is why we are now reaching out to the community to help us recover and ensure we continue to enjoy this community sport.

“Last year we had success in our Youth Cricket Camp where young boys and girls got to enjoy the sport and we want to continue doing this. Any amount of donation from your part will go a long way in helping us get back on our feet and continue to provide a platform for everyone to enjoy this growing sport!”

You can support the GoFundMe here.