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Dundalk FC lend support to Zoe Murphy Appeal

Dundalk FC lend support to Zoe Murphy Appeal

Dundalk FC manager Stephen Kenny and members of the first team today showed their support for the Zoe Murphy Appeal.

The Zoe Murphy Appeal is a campaign to raise funds for local two year old Zoe Murphy.

Zoe is Quadriplegic with Cerebral Palsy and as a result suffers with spasticity and restricted movement. Following Zoe’s recent introduction to CBD Oil this amazing little girl has now begun communicating with her family(Zoe was previously non-verbal), taking steps with the aid of a walker and interacting with her siblings in a way previously thought unlikely.

Little Zoe was born with quadriplegia and later diagnosed with cerebral palsy at 21 months old. It had been feared she would remain in a wheelchair for life but, as revealed by Talk of the Town last month, she has seen a vast improvement since starting to use CBD oil two months ago.

Zoe is now able to communicate with her family, take steps with the aid of a walker and interact with her siblings in a way previously thought unlikely.

The change has been branded as “amazing” by her parents Lynda Bannon and Eamonn Murphy and such has been the improvement that Zoe is now eligible for life changing surgery in America that could improve her standard of life even further.

Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy aims to selectively destroy problematic nerve roots in the spinal cord – potentially eradicating spasticity as Zoe’s bones/muscles continue to grow.

That surgery will cost €100,000 with just shy of €1,900 having been raised in the last 10 days. It is imperative the operation is carried out while Zoe is between two and four years of age.

Explaining the concept for the Facebook page, the family said: “This page we are setting up to share Zoe’s journey from diagnosis with PVL Brain injury and Cerebral Palsy In October 2017 up to now, to show the daily adventures, laughs, love and heartbreak as Zoe learns to do the things that we all take for granted.

“Everyone sees Zoe’s beautiful smile but we will also show her struggles and the effect this diagnosis has on her. We have a long road ahead of us with this special little girl and we want to share this with the world so that we can get feedback and support, likes, comments, shares and donations if possible.

“Our aim is to get Zoe strong enough to be a candidate for SDR surgery in America and as with all ground breaking surgeries this is very costly and a hard achievement for families like ours. We hope you laugh with us and cry with us as we share Zoe’s road ahead and we really hope this story comforts others and helps other in the same situation as us . Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to anyone who joins us on this adventure.

You can donate to the cause at or follow the Facebook page here.


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