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Dundalk IT responds to TUI statement on technological university status

Dundalk IT responds to TUI statement on technological university status

Dundalk Institute of Technology have issued a response to a statement issued by the Teachers’ Union of Ireland this week regarding the institute’s bid for technological university status.

DkIT’s TUI spokesperson Kenneth Sloane claimed that the Dublin Road institute was one of only two ITs in the country yet to apply for the status. He also claimed that senior administrators had yet to engage in the process, expressing his fear that the chance to host a university campus in Dundalk could be allowed to slip away.

In a response issued to Talk of the Town this afternoon, Dundalk IT claim there are “serious inaccuracies in the statement.”

These include:

  • Dundalk Institute of Technology (DkIT) is one of four Institutes of Technology in Ireland which is not currently part of a consortia to apply for TU designation. These Institutes include Athlone Institute of Technology (AIT), Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT) and the Institute of Art, Design and Technology (IADT). The TUI statement incorrectly asserts that DkIT is one of two such Institutes.
  • That Dundalk Institute of Technology (DkIT) is actively engaged in a strategic planning process which will explore all of the strategic options available to DkIT in relation to Technological University designation. The aim of this process is to ensure that the full implications of all designation options can be comprehended and appropriately considered for adoption or otherwise in the forthcoming DkIT Strategic Plan 2020/2022. This process officially commenced in May 2019. The strategic planning process involves extensive consultation with representatives from across the Institute and is expected to conclude before the end of the 2019 calendar year. The TUI statement is misleading when it states that ‘Senior Administrators are yet to engage in the process.

The statement from DkIT read: ““As the leading Higher Education Provider in North Leinster South Ulster, Dundalk Institute of Technology is focused on providing flexible, forward-thinking and skills-focused education to learners across our region. Amid today’s rapidly-evolving Higher Education Landscape, DkIT is committed to ensuring all decisions regarding the future direction of the institute are carefully considered and evaluated within the context of the unique region that it serves.

“To this end, the Institute is actively engaged in a new strategic planning process which includes exploring all of the viable designation options available to DkIT, of which Technological University (TU) designation is one. The purpose of this planning process is to ensure that the full implications of all designation options are comprehended and are appropriately considered for adoption or otherwise within an overall Institute Strategic Plan 2020 to 2022. Currently DkIT has full delegated awarding powers including Level 9 Masters Degrees as well as a joint DkIT/DCU Graduate Research School for PhD. awards.

“In accordance with best practice, this planning process includes extensive consultation with Institute staff, students, employers and wider stakeholders. The outcomes of the planning process will inform the direction of DkIT’s Strategic Plan 2020/22 which is expected to be published for public consumption before the end of the 2019 calendar year.

“DkIT remains deeply committed to its core mission of supporting the continued economic, social and cultural development of the North Leinster-South Ulster region on the Belfast-Dublin corridor. Central to this mission is an ambition to continue to grow student numbers across undergraduate, postgraduate and part-time programmes that respond to industry needs in the Region. The Institute plans to this achieve by bolstering its regional and cross-border networks through the unique North East Further and Higher Education Alliance and continuing to attract international students by boosting its presence across the globe.

“The institute continues to invest in student and learning facilities and this year look forward to commencing the €18.5M capital investment project into the major refurbishment of Science, Engineering and Business facilities. DkIT also plans to continue to improve outcomes for its graduates by advancing the provision of innovative, industry-focused programmes. Last year, the Institute announced that 94% of its most recent graduate cohort had entered employment or full-time study within 9 months, a record high for the Institute.”