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Dundalk woman behind push to save RTÉ Longwave 252

Dundalk woman behind push to save RTÉ Longwave 252

A woman who is originally from Dundalk is one of the key players in a bid to prevent RTÉ from closing their Longwave 252 service, which allows people in the UK to listen to their broadcasts via radio.

Margaret Golden, daughter of former Dundalk lighthouse keeper Frank Ryan, has drawn up a series of banners and posters which marchers will carry in the St Patrick’s Day parade in Manchester this Sunday.

Margaret, who has been living in Manchester since 1966, says Longwave 252 provides a great connection with home for the Irish Diaspora and has gathered 50 volunteers to march in the parade to represent their county by wearing a specially created sash.

There had been plans to shut off Longwave 252 this May but despite a reprieve being granted in February which will see it remain on the air until 2019, there is no guarantee this will extend as far as the UK.

When asked about why she got involved in the parade Margaret said: “In 2014 when they first threatened to pull LW252 off the air in the UK a dear friend of mine, Fergus Wood (who has since died RIP) asked me what are we going to do when LW252 goes off the air? Although the station has had a reprieve they are still thinking about taking it off the air in the UK.

“That is why we decided to do something at this year’s Parade. It started out with just me and my two friends Mary Collins and Myra Butler but we have now got 50 and who knows if the sons and grandsons of those people that listen to the station join in we might get 252!”

If people want to join in with the group Margaret will be standing outside the Irish World Heritage after the 10am Mass in Gaelic with her placard saying Save LW252. People can get the tram to the Irish World Heritage Centre at Queens Road direct from Victoria Train Station, the tram stop is just yards from the centre.

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