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Dundalk woman reunited with missing rings thanks to treasure hunting 8 year old

Dundalk woman reunited with missing rings thanks to treasure hunting 8 year old

A Dundalk woman who lost her wedding and engagement rings while on holiday in Donegal has been reunited with them thanks to a treasure hunting eight year old.

Oliver O’Neill was playing on the sandy coves of Culdaff beach in Donegal when he noticed the sparkling diamonds. He then gave them to his father Ciaran who posted them on his Facebook page upon their return to the family home in Derry.

Ciaran asked people to share the post in a bid to get the lost jewellery back to his owner. After an incredible 13,000 shares the two rings were back on the fingers of Aileen Fitzgerald.

Ciaran told today’s Belfast Telegraph that Oliver was delighted to have helped the local woman out.

Oliver was shouting out to me: ‘Daddy, I found treasure, I found treasure’. He put his wee hand out and there were these two rings.

“He saw the glint of the diamonds in the sunlight as they were lying in the sand.

“I didn’t realise what they were at the start, I thought they were just two ordinary rings.

“But when my wife Victoria saw them she knew straight away they were someone’s wedding and engagement rings.

“I put a picture of the two rings up on Facebook and asked people to share the post.

“It ended up being shared over 13,000 times.

“I started to get messages from people as far away as America wondering if the rings were ones they had lost years ago while in Ireland.

“The woman who owned the rings had been in the local Garda station and reported her lost rings, so the Guard put two and two together.

“There was an inscription on the inside of the rings which the woman – Aileen Fitzgerald – was able to describe, so I knew they were definitely her rings.

“She came to our house and picked them up and gave Oliver a very generous reward, which he was chuffed to bits about, and thinks he is a real hero – which he is to Aileen.”

Pictured above: Aileen and her daughter with Oliver, who found her rings

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