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EPSO contemporary creative ares project coming to Dundalk this month

EPSO contemporary creative ares project coming to Dundalk this month

Dundalk town centre is ready to pay homage to the local area’s rich language culture with a series of unique artworks set to be publicly displayed across the town this year.

EPSO is a contemporary creative arts project focusing on the creation of a public outdoor archive. It will be a place to memorialise Dundalk’s local dialect and identity using the most powerful modern communication method – Public Art.

Reimagining shop shutters, gable gateways and alleyways, EPSO will reveal the unique relationship the people of Dundalk have with the English language and the phrases we habitually use that are synonymous with local culture and identity.

Martin McElligott, Dundalk BIDS, said: “This is a unique project that has been in development for some time now. I am delighted to announce our latest partnerships with Creative Ireland Louth, Creative Spark, Dundalk Democrat, Dundalk Tidy Towns and Brendan Marmion paint store.

“We are also delighted to announce the EPSO 2020 main commercial sponsor will be PayPal, who have been so enthusiastic and hands-on from the outset. We look forward to PayPal joining us on this creative journey and to engaging with their arts society, and the international community within PayPal to identify what Dundalk phrases stand out for them and which they find themselves adopting.”

Margaret Ward, PayPal’s site lead in Dundalk said: “We are so excited to be included in this project and are keen to support not only a brilliant local initiative but also a community of artists at this time when there is uncertainty due to the pandemic. We feel this project will really enhance the town and know through our own arts society in the office, what a positive influence art can have on people’s overall mental health and wellbeing. Something that we feel is so important at this time. We look forward to seeing the rejuvation this project brings Dundalk.”

The project will take place this October and November and its key focus will be to explore language culture through fonts, type sets and creative expression. It will animate our interpretation of the English language and the phrases we use in our everyday lives – highlighting this feature of our unique culture utilising the tangible medium of art together with imagination.

Sarah Daly from Creative Spark said she was delighted to be involved in the EPSO project with Dundalk BIDS.

“The Seek Urban Arts Festival 2020, which we worked on with BIDS, was such a positive event and we are keen to carry on this momentum and to continue to bring great art to the streets of our town. Support from the Creative Ireland Jobs Stimulus for this project helps us to support even more artists during this difficult time for the creative and cultural industries,” said Sarah.

The official paint sponsor for EPSO 2020 is Brendan Marmion Paint Store and Brendan said: “As a local business we are proud to partner with such an exciting creative arts project that will not only highlight our language culture in the town but also add artistic value to our public realm.”

TCCM Martin McElligott said: “The creative environment in the Town is evolving and has nurtured an eclectic population of young people that are shaping the area for the better. Much like the now-famous SEEK Festival, EPSO is a project that will on one hand show people who we are, what we are all about and on the other hand encourage future generations to add and feel part of Dundalk’s story.”