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Exceptionally mild week of weather in store

Exceptionally mild week of weather in store

We’re in for an “exceptionally mild” week on the local weather front.

That’s the verdict of Louth Weather in their latest forecast for the week ahead.

According to their latest report, the only major rain of the week will come tomorrow but there’s no chance of any frost or snow.

The forecast reads as follows: “BACKGROUND: The battle between high pressure over Europe and the usual Atlantic airflow continues this week. By and large the high pressure just pips it, with most of the rain and strong winds being blocked west of Ireland. However there will be the occasional breakthrough from the west (Tuesday). Being on the dividing line between these two airmasses means we’ll see quite windy conditions this week, but as they originate down towards The Azores and the west coast of Africa, it will be exceptionally mild. Expect the unusual sound of lawnmowers in February by the weekend!


  • Exceptionally mild with daytime values up to the mid-teens and rarely falling below 8°C at night.
  • Windy though nothing severe
  • Apart from Tuesday it will be much drier than average
  • Below average sunshine
  • No frost
  • NO SNOW!

“MONDAY: A mix of cloud and sunny spells today. Some showers about, most frequent the further west you are. Moderate SW winds. Max 10°C.

“TUESDAY: A cloudy day with little or no sunshine. Dry through much of the morning. Rain arriving around midday will continue well into the evening. Southerly winds will pick up as the rain arrives. Max 8°C.

“WEDNESDAY: Some rain possible early morning but otherwise cloudy and mostly dry. Fresh to strong southerly winds easing. Mild at 12°C.

“THURSDAY: Cloudy but mostly dry. Fresh to strong southerly winds. Max 12°C.

“FRIDAY: Similar conditions to Thursday. Max 13°C.

“THE WEEKEND: Looking good at this early stage with more sunshine developing, mainly dry and staying very mild with 15°C possible in some places.”

You can follow Louth Weather’s updates here.


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