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Family member hits out at civic reception for Special Olympics athletes

Family member hits out at civic reception for Special Olympics athletes

A family member of one of the local Special Olympics athletes honoured with a Civic Reception by the Dundalk Municipal District Commitee last night has hit out at the event.

In total 24 athletes from Dundalk Special Olympics Club and St Therese’s Special Olympic Club took part in the Special Olympic Ireland Games in Dublin last weekend and they returned victorious with numerous gold, silver and bronze medals in a range of disciplines.

To mark the achievement the athletes were given an open top bus tour of Dundalk yesterday evening before proceeding to County Hall for a Civic Reception.

However, Cecilia Bromley, a sister of one of the athletes Patricia Bromley, was displeased with the goodie bags offered up to the athletes on the night and has taken to social media to voice her displeasure.

Part of the goodie bag offered up to local Special Olympics athletes last night

Posting images of what the athletes received, Cecilia said: “Good evening family, friends and people of Dundalk. This evening I took part in attending a civic reception at the Millennium Building Dundalk for my wee sister Pauline and her fellow athletes who participated in the Special Olympics 2018 in Dublin over the weekend to represent our home town of Dundalk.

“A lot of councillors were in attendance to represent you ‘the people of Dundalk’ to say thank you and well done to all special athletes in their achievements.

“To reward the special athletes they said there is a goodie bag for all who participated.

“As you can see from my pictures, this was the contents of the said goodie bags that each special athlete got.

“I ask what use is dog poo bags and the rest of the contents of each and every one to these special people?

“Surely a day trip to cinema/bowling with a voucher for a treat at McDonald’s would have been more fitting.”

Cecilia then asked for the people of Dundalk to share her post and pictures “to let other people know that this was all our special athletes got as a thank you from your councillors.”

She added: “What a dishonour” and “what a disgrace.”

Dundalk Special Olympics Club appeared happier with the event. In a post on their Facebook page last night they said: “This week just keeps getting better and better! An open top bus tour through Blackrock then the town and finishing up in the Louth County Council Offices for a Civic reception. A beautiful sculptured award, a lovely ceremony, refreshments for all and loads of pictures. Good job by our Local Council, credit where credit’s due.”

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