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Family of Zoe Murphy thank PayPal for generous support

Family of Zoe Murphy thank PayPal for generous support

The family of Zoe Murphy have issued their thanks to PayPal for their “massive contribution” to the young local girl’s bid to undergo life-changing surgery.

Toddler Zoe was born with a PVL brain injury causing Cerebral Palsy. Her parents Eamon Murphy and Lynda Bannon discovered she was a candidate for life-changing surgery that is available in the USA and turned to the people of Dundalk for help to raise the €100,000 required for the surgery.

This target was met earlier this year with Zoe due to fly out this Sunday to undergo her operation.

Thanks to PayPal, both her parents will be able to accompany her with the local employer also forking out for a Mollii suit for Zoe which will help with her recovery.

Zoe in her Mollii suit

Lynda, who works for PayPal in Dundalk, took to social media earlier today to thank the e-payments firm for their support.

She said: “A massive massive thank you to all involved in PayPal who have helped Zoe out with massive contributions to her journey to America for surgery. We really cannot believe how much they have come through for us after they offered to help.

“When they heard our story and what we were fundraising for they so kindly wanted to assist in some way. We never expected the help to be so massive though as they have not only covered the cost of our flights over and back to St Louis, our accommodation fees, our car hire for the duration but they also have so unbelievably kindly bought Zoe a Mollii suit, which is a specialist garment that applies electro stimulation therapy and targets specific muscles in her body and will be a huge help in her aftercare.

“We really cannot stress how massive this is for us. Not only is the suit gonna be a big help in her recovery, but covering the costs of our travels and staying in America means we have more money to keep toward Zoe’s aftercare which is going to be another long road for her.

“Thank you so much PayPal for your incredible generosity, we still cannot believe the goodness of so many people and the businesses that have got behind us and offered so much help.”

Before her departure for St Louis on Sunday, Zoe will lead out the Dundalk FC team prior to this Friday’s final league match at home to St Patrick’s Athletic when they will lift the league trophy after the game.