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The Food Medic Hazel Wallace to release her second book this April

The Food Medic Hazel Wallace to release her second book this April

Blackrock woman Dr Hazel Wallace, better known as The Food Medic, has announced plans to release her second book later this year.

Last May London-based Hazel, from Cocklehill in Blackrock where her mum Jo still resides, released her first book called ‘The Food Medic’ which went to number one in the Irish charts.

The qualified personal trainer, who boasts 196,000 Instagram followers, will now follow that release up with her second book ‘The Food Medic for Life’, which will be released on April 19th.

Hazel revealed news of the book, which features “easy recipes to help you live well every day” via social media yesterday. She said: “I can’t believe I’ve managed to keep this a secret for so long but I’m finally allowed to shout it from the rooftops – I’M RELEASING A SECOND BOOK! 📗

“WOW, That feels so good to get off my chest. Let me introduce ‘The Food Medic for life’ which comes out April 19th 2018 and is available to pre-order NOW on Amazon and WHS SMITH!”

Speaking about the book Hazel said: “As a doctor, a personal trainer, and a health food blogger, food is important to me on so many levels and I fully appreciate its value in terms of the energy it provides and the health benefits it offers us. However, food may be fuel – but its so much more! Food is; family, it’s friends, it’s comfort, it’s home, it’s tradition, it’s life giving, it’s celebration, it’s therapeutic, it’s love, it’s health – and this book encompasses just that.

“To reflect the pattern of our busy lives, this book is split into two sections; The first section ‘Fuel Up’ is designed to suit the hectic, busy days in your life where you need quick and easy recipes that will give you the fuel that you need to power through the working week, without spending hours in the kitchen. Expect portable breakfasts, fork-free-lunches, energy-boosting snacks, and dinners in under 30 minutes!

“The second section of the book ‘power down’ is designed for the weekends, days off, and holidays when you have a little more time to enjoy and rediscover a love for cooking. I want you to not only be conscious of the type of food that you eat, but how you cook and prepare it, how you eat it, and who you share it with. Here you will find lazy brunches, comforting family dinners, traditional breads, celebratory cakes and tea-time treats.

Hazel with her first book ‘The Food Medic’ released last May which reached number one in the Irish book charts

“Of course in addition to the 115 recipes you can find so much more in there including feature pages throughout the book covering common medical conditions such as diabetes and IBS, and nutritional advice on topics such as plant based diets, and how to meet your 5-a-day. Not to mention diet myth busting! 👊🏼I also cover rest, sleep, mindfulness and meditation to offer you a holistic guide to everyday health.

Further details on the book and details on how to pre-order are available here.

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