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Garrett Weldon steps down as People Before Profit’s General Election candidate

Garrett Weldon steps down as People Before Profit’s General Election candidate

Garrett Weldon has stepped down as People Before Profit’s election candidate for Louth and East Meath.

The 46-year-old was selected to contest the next General Election by the party last November but announced yesterday that he was standing aside due to “other commitments”.

The Louth Village man also said he would “no longer be politically active” for the time being at least.

In a statement on his Facebook page, Garrett said: “After a lot of consideration I have decided to stand down as the People Before Profit Alliance candidate for Louth/East Meath due to other commitments that I have to prioritise.

“People will ask is this the end of my involvement in politics and the honest answer is none of us know what the future holds but for now I will no longer be politically active.

“Since 2008 I have been involved as an activist in the anti austerity campaigns before I moved into politics, but in the last year it has become increasingly harder to juggle politics along with full-time employment.

“A lot of time has been taken up working on casework with most evenings, lunchtimes and weekends spent working on behalf of people in the community, sometimes with great success and other times it can be very frustrating, when working on issues that can not be so easily resolved. In reality someone needs to be employed full-time to get through the volume of work that has come in.

“As an unelected candidate all this extra work is done by myself and my team in our own time and at our own cost as we get no financial support from any party or organisation. A lot of people are of the belief that myself and those who work along with me are employed by People Before Profit and have their financial support but the reality is any funding we have was raised by friends and family holding fundraisers.

“I would like to wish whoever becomes the next candidate to stand in Louth every success along with all the good people from PBPA I have met in the past few years.

“I had a great team around me and could not have campaigned and worked on issues without their support so a big thank you and huge respect to Audrey, Barry and Kieran along with all the legends of people who canvassed, put up posters and held fundraisers they all know who they are and they also know all their work was greatly appreciated.

“I also have to thank my wife Ciara along with my children for their great support and allowing me the time to contest the last election and continue working on people’s behalf. I also have to thank my mother Kit and my two brothers Paudie and Niall for their encouragement support and advice over the years.

“To everyone that supported and voted for me in the last general election I thank you, it was an honour for me that so many people had the trust and confidence to give me something so important as their vote .Keep yourselves well and look after one another.”

The community worker had previously contested the 2016 General Election which saw him take 3,462 first preference votes before finally being eliminated on the sixth count with 4,586.