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Generally dry week in store on the local weather front

Generally dry week in store on the local weather front

It’s due to be a generally dry but cloudy week on the local weather front.

That’s the verdict of Louth Weather in their latest forecast for the week ahead.

Louth Weather said: “SUMMARY: Cloudy but dry. Rainfall totals over the next week expected to be only 1mm; to put this in context, a really wet day could see fifty times that much rain. Becoming much colder.

“BACKGROUND – During the first half of the week, a blocking high pressure over Europe will stop any potential rain from The Atlantic reaching us. Through mid week a new high pressure extends in from the west and this looks set to control our weather for the following week or so. As it moves in towards us it will drag in some cold air from the north.

“MONDAY – Some hazy sunshine today but quite a lot of cloud about too. Dry. Feeling quite pleasant if you can get the sun and stay out of the wind. Moderate occasionally fresh southerly winds. Max 11°C. Cloudy and dry tonight. No frost. Minimum 7°C.

“TUESDAY – Cloudy but dry. Fresh southerly winds. Milder at 13°C.

“WEDNESDAY – Cloudy. Some light drizzle at times but hardly enough to dampen the ground. Moderate southerly winds. Max 11°C.

“THURSDAY – A subtle change as the new high begins to take over. Winds swing round from a southerly to a cooler northerly direction. Cloudy. Dry apart from the odd patch of light drizzle. Max 8°C.

“FRIDAY and THE WEEKEND – More cloudy but mostly dry weather. The odd shower about, these wintry over the mountains. Moderate to fresh northerly winds. Max of 7°C but feeling more like 3°C in the wind. Night frost becoming widespread.

“FOLLOWING WEEK: Generally dry but very cold for the time of year.”

You can follow Louth Weather’s updates here.