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Good news on local weather front as ‘little or no rain’ forecast for next 7-10 days

Good news on local weather front as ‘little or no rain’ forecast for next 7-10 days

There’s some good news on the local weather front with “little or no rain” for the next seven to 10 days after St Patrick’s Day.

That’s the verdict of Louth Weather in their latest forecast for the week ahead.

The good news is most welcome given that schools and many local businesses are closed until at least March 29th.

Louth Weather said: “SUMMARY: Good news! Some rain Monday and Tuesday, but then we’re looking at seven to ten days with little or no rain. Colder than average with plenty of frost later in the week. Winds lighter than average.

“BACKGROUND – Some Atlantic influence through Monday and Tuesday, but then it’s high pressure building from the west.

“MONDAY – Cloudy but dry until about teatime when rain will arrive in from the west. Wet this evening. Fresh southerly winds. Max 9°C. Tonight will be cloudy but dry. Minimum 7°C.

“TUESDAY – A sunny start but cloud developing quickly in the morning. Rain arriving late morning will continue through the afternoon and eventually clear away during the evening. The exact line of this rain may vary slightly, allowing more southern parts to get less rain than further north. Moderate SW winds picking up during the afternoon. Max 12°C. Dry Tuesday night with a touch of frost before dawn.

“WEDNESDAY – A mix of clouds and sunny spells. Dry. Moderate westerly winds. Max 8°C. Widespread frost on Wednesday night.

“THURSDAY – Dry with sunny spells. Light to moderate northerly winds. Max 8°C. Frosty Thursday night.

“FRIDAY – Dry with some decent sunshine. Moderate easterly winds making it feel cool. Max 7°C.

“THE WEEKEND – Settled. Dry. A mix of clouds and sunny spells. Moderate winds. Remaining on the cool side.

“FURTHER OUTLOOK: Slightly milder. High pressure eases its grip, but overall it’s looking quite good, with no sign of the recent wind and rain returning.”

You can follow Louth Weather’s updates here.