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Good weather but no heatwave expected over Easter weekend

Good weather but no heatwave expected over Easter weekend

The Easter weekend is almost upon us with some good weather expected.

We won’t quite see the heatwave that some forecasters have predicted, according to Louth Weather.

In their latest forecast this afternoon, Louth Weather expects it to be “mostly, if not totally dry and settled” over the weekend.

The forecast in full reads as follows: “High pressure to our east is blocking unsettled Atlantic weather from coming our way. Overall this high pressure wins the battle and should remain the dominant influence on our weather for the next week or so. So mostly, if not totally dry and settled weather in store.

“However conditions will not be perfect, as Atlantic lows may temporarily break through the defences at times. Also this ongoing battle of airmasses squeezes the air, resulting in stronger winds and as these are from the SE, it will feel cooler at times especially near the coast. It will also be misty over the hills and in coastal areas.

“Difficult to say when the sun will shine as there will be variable cloud cover at times. However all areas will see plenty of sunshine, though this will be hazy at times.

“Temperatures slightly above average, in the mid-teens. Saturday should be the warmest day at 17°C. However as outlined above this never-ending run of easterly winds will make it feel cooler especially near the coast.

“So in summary, the forecast is good, but not as good as the clickbaiters who’ve filled social media with their rubbish “Ireland heat wave hotter than xxxx this weekend” headlines all week would have us believe!”

You can follow Louth Weather’s updates here.