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Hiring underway for new Applegreen station at Dundalk Retail Park

Hiring underway for new Applegreen station at Dundalk Retail Park

Hiring is now underway for the new Applegreen store at Dundalk Retail Park.

Construction work began on the new site, located in front of the existing KFC drive thru, back in February.

It is hopeful that the new filling station will be open soon with hiring for various roles now underway here.

Currently advertised roles include full and part time sales assistants and night shift operators.

The new Applegreen will include a Bakewell Café and a Burger King drive thru.

The filling station has been in the plans since 2017 but was given the go ahead for the second time last October. It is planned to build a 466sqm station at the site, just off the Inner Relief Road.

It will contain three food offerings (offer 1 – 19.8sq.m, offer 2 – 16.5sq.m and offer 3 – 14.8sq.m), a new retail area of 100sq.m (including ancillary off-licence, 4.1sq.m), a seating area (69.47sq.m) and a back of house area for storage, toilets and food preparation (192.2sq.m).

Food offering number three will include a drive-thru hatch facility and will involve hot food for consumption off the premises.

The service station building will have a storage yard to the rear and will contain eight signs (three on the north façade, one each on the west and east façade and three on the south façade), along with one logo on the north façade.

There will also be six pump islands with branded canopy over it, with signage to three sides.

Other developments include a new two-way road along the south boundary, landscaping, outdoor seating, jet wash, brush wash, car wash storage (12sq.m), picnic area, car parking spaces, boundary treatment around the perimeter of the site, play area, refueling point, vents, underground tank farm, main ID sign, drive-thru lane, provision of one vehicular entry point and two exit points and ‘welcome’ and ‘exit’ signs.