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Identity of man washed up on Rockmarshall beach resolved more than 10 years on

Identity of man washed up on Rockmarshall beach resolved more than 10 years on

The mystery of a man whose body was buried unidentified in north Louth ten years ago has now been solved.

According to a report on RTÉ the body that washed up on Rockmarshall beach in June 2007 has been identified as that of Joseph Reilly, who disappeared in December 2006.

He had been in the water for several months before being discovered by a local woman out walking her dog. His identity has remained a mystery until now.

Recent DNA tests have shown that the body is that of Joseph Reilly, who was 50 years old when he vanished.

For more than ten years the family of Mr Reilly have searched for him.

Mr Reilly was living alone at Hatch Street in Dublin city when he disappeared 11 years ago this month.

He was buried in Lordship in north Co Louth in late 2007.

The remains were buried in the local cemetery and the grave was tended by members of the community over the years.

A recent initiative by Gardaí to gather DNA samples from family members of missing persons and check them against unidentified remains is reported to have led to this breakthrough.

His brother Gabriel told RTÉ that he and another brother had given DNA samples this year.

“It has been a big shock for us all and something we had come to terms with because he had disappeared into being a mystery,” Gabriel told RTÉ.

“There is a little bit of relief, of course as well as the mystery is now solved.

“We get the chance to bring and end to the situation and bring Joe home, so to speak.

“We’ve been searching for 10 years without success. We didn’t seem to have something to grasp on to.”

Gabriel was also full of praise for the community who buried and tended to the remains of his brother.

“The local community in Lordship have been quite stunning in terms of what they have done.

“They virtually adopted Joe and have taken great care of him since then,” he said.

Check out the report on RTÉ.ie here.

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