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Just under a third of Dundalk’s population can speak Irish

Just under a third of Dundalk’s population can speak Irish

Just under a third of the population of Dundalk can speak Irish

That’s according to new figures released today from the Central Statistics Office, based on Census 2016.

They reported that there are 12,236 Irish speakers in Dundalk, equating to 32.8% of its population. A further 23,712 said they could not speak Irish while 1,313 did not state their ability.

It appears women are better when it comes to speaking Irish too. 34.9% of the female population of Dundalk said they could speak Irish, compared with 30.7% of males in the town.

The outskirts of Dundalk is where the language is most spoken in the county.

There are 169 daily Irish speakers in the Dundalk Rural electoral division, although this is down by six from 2011.

The popularity of the language is growing in Haggardstown however where there were 78 daily Irish speakers, up from 65 during Census 2011.

In Co Louth as a whole just over a third said they could speak Irish.

The figures show that 42,047 of the county’s population were Irish speakers, which accounted for 34.1% of those living here. This is a fall on the figure for 2011 when 36.1% or 42,106 said they could speak Irish.

By contrast the numbers who say they cannot speak Irish has grown by more than 5,500 to 77,770. A further 3,589 did not state whether they could or could not speak the native language.

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