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Local man Ryan to climb Kilimanjaro in aid of Cystic Fibrosis Ireland

Local man Ryan to climb Kilimanjaro in aid of Cystic Fibrosis Ireland

Local man Ryan Doherty will host a table quiz this Friday night in the Granvue Hotel in Omeath as he raises funds ahead of a climbing Mount Kilimanjaro this summer in aid of Cystic Fibrosis Ireland.

The Ravensdale man plans to climb the mountain in June with Friday night’s quiz one part of his bid to raise a total of €4,500.

To date the 24-year-old has raised €560 through a GoFundMe campaign, which can be accessed here.

Ryan with his cousin Cathal, who suffers from Cystic Fibrosis

Ryan chose to climb Kilimanjaro in aid of Cystic Fibrosis because it affects his cousin.

While the chronic disease that can affect the lungs and digestive system can make it difficult for sufferers to carry out daily tasks that many of us take for granted, Ryan praised his cousin for still living his life to the fullest.

He told Talk of the Town: “The reason i am taking up the challenge is because my little cousin Cathal Gallagher has Cystic Fibrosis and he is only 11 years old so I see what he has to go through with constant hospital appointments. I can only imagine how tough it is on him.

“So far I am the only person in Louth doing this for Cystic Fibrosis. Another reason is that I had a dream I had done a charity event for Cystic Fibrosis and the next day I seen it on Facebook for the climb to Kilimanjaro so i knew it was something i had to do.”

As well as raising funds to make the climb happen, Ryan is also appealing for donations of any boots, bags, clothes or other items that would be useful to him on his climb. Sponsorship is also being accepted.

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