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‘Lots of warm sunshine’ forecast for this Sunday

‘Lots of warm sunshine’ forecast for this Sunday

Weather conditions are set to improve heading into the weekend before peaking on Sunday when there will be plenty of sunshine.

That’s the verdict of Louth Weather in their latest forecast for the next few days.

The forecast reads as follows: “BACKGROUND: High pressure takes charge over the coming six days or so, peaking on Sunday. So as I outlined in Monday’s weekly forecast, it’s an improving situation with drier, warmer, less windy and sunnier conditions in store for a few days.

“THURSDAY: Mostly cloudy today, with a few sunny breaks, best this evening. While the odd shower could occur, most areas will be totally dry. Light to moderate NW winds. Max 19°C.

“FRIDAY: Mostly cloudy but dry. Moderate NW winds. Max 19°C.

“SATURDAY: Dry. A mix of cloud and sunny spells. Moderate NW winds. Max 19°C.

“SUNDAY: Lots of warm sunshine. Dry. Light SE winds. Max 20°C.

“MONDAY: Similar to Sunday.

“FURTHER OUTLOOK: As Atlantic lows become more dominant, I think we’ll see a slow deterioration in conditions through the middle and latter parts of next week.”

You can follow Louth Weather’s updates here.