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LSPCA appeal for funds to help care for animals rescued from closed petting farm

LSPCA appeal for funds to help care for animals rescued from closed petting farm

The Louth Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (LSPCA) have launched an appeal for funds to help care for some of the animals removed from a local petting farm last week.

The recent closure of Fitzpatrick’s Bar and Restaurant in Rockmarshall means that many of the animals who had resided there are in need of a new home.

On Friday the LSPCA’s Fiona Squibb overseen the removal over of 100 animals from the petting farm alongside volunteers and staff from Pet Connections in Newry. Amongst the animals rescued included Shetland Ponies, Donkeys, a Turkey, Ducks, Peacocks, Quail, Zebra Finches, Budgies, Java Sparrows, Wrens, Lovebirds, Diamond Doves and other assorted doves and poultry.

Thankfully, due to the hard work of Louth SPCA, most of these animals have found safe places in which they can embark on their road to recovery. Some animals remain at the property and will need continued care at the location until foster or permanent homes can be found.

Fiona Squibb said: “After the closure of the petting farm, it would appear that the animals lacked access to sufficient food or fresh drinking water – despite the hot weather. When we did gain access, many of the animals were severely dehydrated and in desperate need of treatment for heavy parasite burdens. We have managed to oversee the removal of most of the animals from the site and will continue to provide the animals with the specialist lifelong care that many require. Unfortunately, as we are a small charity, we are finding that our resources have been stretched to their limit due to the size and scale of this operation, which we believe is one of the largest of its kind ever in Ireland. We also still have our regular intake of dogs, cats and other animals, many of whom have suffered from heartbreaking cruelty, and every penny that we can raise with this fundraiser goes directly to helping these animals.”

The water the animals were forced to drink before being rescued

Although it is possible that in time, some of the rescued animals will be rehomed, the costs of caring for them are expected to run into thousands of euro. The online fundraiser will cover:

  • Veterinary, housing and feeding costs for the animals rescued from the petting farm, including treatment for malnutrition, parasites and any other ongoing medical conditions.
  • The everyday running costs of Louth SPCA, as the charity receives little government funding towards expenses like electricity, cleaning of enclosures and upkeep of the premises.
  • The costs of caring for Louth SPCA’s other animals, which are especially high at this time of year due to the annual explosion of unwanted kittens born to un-neutered cats, as many of these kittens end up dumped or surrendered.

The LSPCA said: “Many of these animals are suffering from malnutrition, dehydration and heavy parasite burdens. The water provided to these animals was unsuitable for drinking, for example the water in the Budgie enclosure had a dead and decomposing chick laying in it. Some animals are showing signs of neurological conditions which will require extensive vet care to diagnose and treat, where possible. Dead mice lay in the animal enclosures where poison had been placed, introducing parasites and the risk of secondary poisoning to the other animals.

“The road to recovery will be a long trek, for both the animals involved and their carers. Funding is desperately required to provide care to these animals, especially for those who need urgent veterinary attention.”

While the LSPCA have asked the receiver appointed to Fitzpatrick’s to help out with the cost of caring for the animals, they expect more will be needed.

They said: “In the event that the receiver chooses to pay for the ongoing and lifelong care for these animals (as it is likely that some will never be suitable for rehoming), or that the funds raised exceed the amount required, the donations will go towards the care of other animals in the care of Louth SPCA.”

To date £856 of the £3,000 goal has been raised. You can add a donation here.

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