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McGahon calls for schedule of works to be published ahead of M1 closures

McGahon calls for schedule of works to be published ahead of M1 closures

Dundalk Councillor John McGahon has called on Louth County Council and Celtic Roads Group to issue a schedule of works before the proposed M1 road closures.

The Fine Gael representative hit out earlier this week at the local authority’s plan to close sections of the motorway from Junction 10 (Drogheda North, Navan) to Junction 18 (Dundalk South, Ballymascanlon) at night time over a 10 week period from September 9th to November 16th to facilitate the Celtic Roads Group to carry out pavement works.

He feels the proposed closure times of 7.30pm to 6.30am are too restrictive on commuters and asked that they be extended out until 9pm and night with the road re-opening fully at 5.30am.

Having expressed his views to the local authority on the matter Cllr McGahon received a clarification from Louth County Council.

He said the clarifications received from the council in relation to the closures will provide a certain degree of relief to commuters but called on the local authority and Celtic Roads Group to issue a schedule of works to be published before works start in order for commuters to make informed decisions about their journeys in advance.

Cllr McGahon said: “Louth County Council received a large number of observations and I received a detailed response from the Council in relation to my own observation. The response is positive, however more clarity is required on certain issues.”

In their response, Celtic Roads Group said: “The closure and diversions will be within sections of the M1 on various dates within the period advertised and not the entire length of the Motorway (Junction 10 to 18). The work will be carried out on either direction of the motorway. However, only one direction will be closed at any one time. Road closures will generally be between two junctions only.

“The good news is that a closure from 7.30pm to 6.30am will be very much the exception rather than the norm. Actual closures may start after 7.30pm and the road is likely to be re-opened before 6.30am each morning. During a typical road closure, between individual junctions, journey times along the alternative diversion routes will increase by approximately 5-10 minutes.

“While a programme of works is currently being prepared, it is estimated that 20% of the closures will be on the northbound carriageway, 40% on the southbound carriageway with the remainder at Junctions 14 and 16.”

The response from Louth County Council to Cllr McGahon

Cllr McGahon said the response from Celtic Roads Group will provide some sort of relief for commuters, however, commuters need much more clarity about their schedule of works.

“For example, they have said that they will signpost closing times and diversions on the motorway. I think it would be much more easier for commuters if the schedule of works was published in advance so commuters can see what days the works are taking place, what sections of the motorway are being worked on and the resulting diversions they will have it take. At least if the schedule of works is published, commuters will be able to make informed decisions and plan their journeys accordingly. I have asked Celtic Road Group and Louth Council Council to publish this schedule as soon as it is available,” he said.