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New car sales for May up slightly on the year before

New car sales for May up slightly on the year before

For the second successive month new car sales for May surpassed their 2018 equivalent.

There were 135 new cars sold in Co Louth last month. This was up 13.5% from 119 in May 2018.

This is the second month in-a-row where new car sales for this year have eclipsed those from the year before. A 26.6% increase in April came after respective falls of 2.7%, 8.1% and 11.7% in January, February and March.

This means that so far this year there have been 1,876 new cars purchased in Louth compared to 1,922 for the same period of 2018 – a fall of 2.4%.

With 18 sales Renault was the biggest selling manufacturer in the county last month, followed by Peugeot (15), Skoda (14), Toyota (14), Kia (13), Nissan (11), Ford (11), Volkswagen (11), Dacia (7) and Hyundai (6).

The biggest selling model was the Peugeot 3008, which sold eight units, followed by the Toyota Corolla (7), Kia Sportage (6), Ford Focus (6), Skoda Kodiaq (6), Renault Kadjar (6), Renault Captur (6), Nissan Leaf (5), Dacia Sandero (4) and Nissan Micra (4).

With 248 units sold, Nissan is the biggest selling manufacturer in the county in the first five months of the year followed by Volkswagen (187), Renault (185), Toyota (176), Peugeot (172), Hyundai (167), Skoda (142), Ford (133), and Kia (113).

The biggest selling car make so far this year is the Nissan Qashqai. With 124 sales it has almost double the volume of sales of the next biggest seller, the Peugeot 3008 (74). Other popular car makes so far this year include the Nissan Micra (67), Hyundai Tucson (65), Renault Clio (57), Dacia Duster (56), Toyota Corolla (56) Renault Captur (53), Hyundai Kona (50) and Volkswagen Tiguan (48).

The number of diesel cars sold in the first five months of the year is down 15.3% from 1,013 to 858 with petrol sales up marginally by 4.7% from 774 to 810. Petrol Electric was up 20.5% from 117 to 141, with electric car sales in the county up 336.4% from 11 to 48. There has also been a 171.4% increase in sales of petrol/plug-in electric hybrids which have jumped from 7 sales in the first five months of last year to 19 sales so far this year.

Just over a third (33.9%) of all cars bought in the county so far this year have been grey. It has sold 635 units compared to 353 for white/ivory in second and 296 for red/maroon in third.

Last year there were 2,796 new cars bought in Co Louth, up 22 on the year before – an increase of 0.8%.