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New Dundalk distilled gin Sixling now available

New Dundalk distilled gin Sixling now available

Ireland’s only cloudberry infused gin has been distilled in Dundalk and is now available for purchase.

Sixling Gin is currently available in The Bartender and The Rum House on Park Street, the Lisdoo, Callan’s Alcohol Emporium as well as a number of other local bars.

The new gin promises a “completely new and refreshing taste experience” with more stockists and signature serves coming soon.

Grills Spirits, who launched Sixling, say it is “like nothing you have tasted before.”

Based at The Blackthorn Business Park on the Coes Road, Grills Spirits’ duo Nicola and Tom Grills have been working for months to perfect what is Ireland’s only cloudberry infused gin.

Cloudberries have a distinctive tart taste. When over-ripe, they have a creamy texture somewhat like yogurt and a sweetened flavour. This tart berry grows in only very small quantities in its native range in the Boreal subarctic making the new local gin Sixling truly unique to the rapidly growing Irish gin market.

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