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New local environmental group ORCCA offering Dublin Zoo family pass prize

New local environmental group ORCCA offering Dublin Zoo family pass prize

A new local environmental group is offering families the chance to win an annual pass to Dublin Zoo.

The Oriel River Catchments and Coastal Association (ORCCA) is a new community-led environmental organisation which has been founded with the aim of protecting and improving our local streams, rivers and coasts.

ORCCA chairperson, Liam Woods said: “The rivers which flow into Dundalk Bay and the region’s coastal environments are of enormous cultural and environmental importance. We use them for our drinking water, for recreation, for industry and visitors come from far and wide to spend time in our local communities and their surroundings.”

Two years ago, local communities within the Dundalk Bay catchment came together to identify five key visions for our local waters, along with prioritising actions to achieve the visions.

“A river catchment is all the land area which drains into a river which then flows to the coast,” Liam explained.

“The Dundalk Bay catchment covers over 1,000km2, stretching through Counties Louth, Meath, Monaghan, Cavan, Armagh and Down, and includes the Rivers Dee, Glyde, Fane, Castletown, Flurry and Big as well as their feeder streams and tributaries. These rivers flow into Dundalk Bay which is a wetland of international importance,” he said.

“But our aquatic environments are under threat as a result of how we treat our waters, with pollution, plastics and microplastics, habitat destruction, development, waste water treatment plants, chemicals and some agricultural practices all contributing to declines in our water quality and habitats.

“ORCCA’s vision is that the habitats of the rivers which flow into Dundalk bay, as well as the coastal environments, are healthy and full of life, able to adapt to climate change, and that they support vibrant and prosperous communities.

“ORCCA has been formed to deliver the community-identified actions to improve and protect our rivers and coastal environments in a collaborative and integrated manner with all who are interested in our local environments.”

Anyone who may be interested in joining the ORCCA team is welcome to contact ORCCA by emailing

To celebrate their formation, ORCCA are holding a competition with the chance to win an annual family pass to Dublin Zoo among other prizes!

The Task
All 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th class pupils are invited to create the official logo for ORCCA so that the association can inspire young and old to protect and explore the waters that flow within our communities.

“We would like you to find out all about the historic Oriel Kingdom in which we live, to look at the water that is near your school or house, and think about why it is special,” Liam said.

“Then we would like you to create a picture for the logo of our new organisation, ORCCA.”

Entries can use any type of paper, white, coloured, rough or smooth. The work may be drawn or painted. Be creative and, most importantly, have fun!

1st prize: Family annual pass to Dublin Zoo and your picture will be used for the new ORCCA logo.
2nd prize: Family trip to Tayto Park.
3rd prize: Family trip to Carlingford Adventure Centre or Boyne Boats.

How to enter
A photograph or scanned image of the original artwork must be emailed to with ‘Entry for the ORCCA Logo Competition’ as the subject.

Please include the name of the child, their age, their school and class, and also contact details of a parent or guardian.

Only one entry per child.

Size of Artwork
Your entry should not be smaller than A5 or larger than A4.
The maximum size of file to be emailed is 10MB.

Closing Date
The closing date for receipt of entries to the competition is Friday the 10th July 2020.

How ORCCA will use the data you provide
The information collected for each competition entry will be used solely for the purposes of this logo competition and to allow ORCCA to contact the winners. Some media/newspaper coverage may be held for the winning entrants, and by entering the competition, you give ORCCA permission to use the entries for this purpose. All winning entries will be contacted prior to any media articles being published.

The information provided by entrants will be stored on password protected computers accessible only by the ORCCA committee and will not be passed on to any third parties or used for any other promotional activities.