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Nine women in Louth affected by Cervical Check controversy

Nine women in Louth affected by Cervical Check controversy

Local councillor Ruairí Ó Murchú has said that he is extremely concerned by information from the HSE which reveals that nine women from County Louth are affected by the Cervical Check controversy.

Speaking after attending Wednesday evening’s Standing4Women event in the Market Square, Cllr Ó Murchú said that of the 209 women affected by the scandal, nine were from the Wee County.

In a statement the Sinn Féin councillor said these women and others had been failed by the State.

He said: “My colleague Gerry Adams TD has received a response to a parliamentary question which indicates that nine women from Co Louth are among the group of 209 women across the state whose cervical check audit found that initial screening had failed to detect cancer.

“The people of Dundalk have come out in numbers to demonstrate their solidarity with these women who were failed by this state both in the failure to diagnose their illness and subsequent attempts to cover up that fact. This was mirrored throughout the state in other similar demonstrations.

“The discovery that nine women from this county should have had earlier medical interventions is gravely concerning. I hope that these women are being afforded all appropriate supports and that they will go on to make full recoveries.

“Standing4Women have called for active and independent support for those affected by the scandal, including and not limited to, an immediate point of contact for those affected, and a multidisciplinary support team. I support their call.”

Standing4Women have also proposed mandatory open disclosure within the HSE.

“Earlier this month Sinn Féin introduced a private members motion calling on the government to introduce such mandatory open disclosure in the HSE.  It is not acceptable to traumatise people even more by drip feeding information or by forcing them through the courts to get to the truth,” said Cllr O Murchú.

“Last weekend’s referendum result demonstrated that Irish women are demanding that their healthcare needs are met.  This event and the previous ‘Feet on the Street’ demonstration indicates that the people of County Louth are firmly behind those affected by this most recent controversy surrounding the cervical check programme.”

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