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One in four plan to cross border to shop this Christmas

One in four plan to cross border to shop this Christmas

One-in-four adults from the Republic are set to cross the border to shop in the build-up to Christmas.

That’s according to a survey by iReach for media agency MediaCom, which will come as a worry to local businesses.

Shoppers are being attracted by the fall in the decline of Sterling, which is down by almost a fifth in value against the euro since the Brexit referendum in the summer.

The majority of the 1,000 people surveyed who said they would look to Northern Ireland or the UK for bargains said they would do so to buy Christmas presents (63% of those planning to travel).

Other popular purchases in the sterling zone included clothing (60% of those planning a purchase), alcohol (43%) and groceries (40%).

Personal electronics, cosmetics and toys figured slightly lower down on the list.

Northern Irish shopping centres close to the Border have seen an increase of almost a third in the number of southern-registered cars parked outside them.

Shoppers said they compare prices in euro and sterling online before decided which purchases to travel to buy, the survey indicates. They then research which sterling outlet has the best deal before travelling to buy. This is known as “reverse-showrooming”.

“This is alarming when you consider the larger online market, where more people are continuing to spend more money, and spend more often,” Head of MediaCom Ireland Ian McGrath said.