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PayPal announced as sponsors of this year’s St Patrick’s Day parade

PayPal announced as sponsors of this year’s St Patrick’s Day parade

Dundalk-based company, PayPal, has been unveiled as the sponsor of the 2020 St Patrick’s Day parade.

The global online payments company was announced as the new sponsor last night by the voluntary St Patrick’s Day committee as work continues on the ‘Urban Green’-themed events.

Cllr Conor Keelan, committee chairperson said: “We’re really excited to announce that PayPal is leading our team of sponsors.

“PayPal plays a huge role in Dundalk life and is the perfect sponsor for our ‘Urban Green’ theme as it is actively reducing its carbon footprint with many group projects across the entire site.

“At its most recent event, it planted over 500 trees in locations around town and has made an annual event of cleaning local beaches and forests.”

Cllr Keelan also said he was pleased with the response from community groups and schools who have already signed up to take part.

He said: “Continuing on from the theme of ‘Urban Green’ and to reduce our carbon footprint, the committee is appealing to the owners of electric cars who wish to get involved or participate in the parade to contact them via email:

“It’s time to showcase your creativity as the St Patrick’s Day parade is less than a few weeks away.”

This year’s parade will take place on Monday evening March 16th followed by a family-themed event in the town centre on St Patrick’s Day itself on March 17th.

Cllr Keelan said: “As everyone knows, ‘Urban Green’ is this year’s theme for the Dundalk parade and for the two-day event in music and family fun.

“The theme celebrates the public realm regeneration of Church Street/Clanbrassil Street and the innovative urban street art created during the Seek Festival 2019.

“Green is synonymous with St. Patrick’s Day but also green environmental issues and credentials.

“The aim is to make the 2020 event the greenest ever festival and the plan is to have an evening parade on March 16th, committing to the original route with a music-centred, family-friendly, town centre event on March 17th.”