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Pearse Lyons Brewery to open at former MacArdle Moore site next month

Pearse Lyons Brewery to open at former MacArdle Moore site next month

Alltech Beverage Division Ireland (ABDI) today announced the planned opening of a new brewery at a historic site in the old MacArdle Moore Brewery on the Ardee Road in Dundalk.

First revealed by Talk of the Town in October 2017, the new Pearse Lyons Brewery incorporates the relocation of the Station Works Brewery in Newry, which was acquired by the late Dr Pearse Lyons in 2015 and produces the Foxes Rock range of ales, stouts and lagers. The new facility will be fully operational in early December.

The history of brewing in Dundalk dates back to 1683, when records indicate more than 30 ale and beer breweries existed in the town. The renowned MacArdle Moore Brewery provided the perfect location for the company to honour its late founder, Dr Pearse Lyons, who spent most of his childhood in Dundalk.

John O’Brien, Master Brewer, Pearse Lyons Brewery said: “It’s an honour to be bringing new life to this historic building. The MacArdle Moore Brewery was synonymous with brewing in Dundalk. Formed in 1850 from the merger of two older breweries it joined the Guinness empire in the late 1960s. Dundalk is also where our late founder Dr. Lyons grew up, bringing this move full circle if you like in terms of our evolution.”

The move to Dundalk will see all current Station Works staff relocating to the new facility with plans for new hires in 2019. There will be no disruption to the usual brewing process of Foxes Rock and transportation logistics will be eased as the majority of orders come from the south.

“Ultimately we are simply moving the plant 20 minutes down the road. Customers will see no change to service. We look forward to bringing new life to this historic building and resurrecting the brewing tradition of Dundalk,” O’Brien added.

Education will play a strong role at the new Pearse Lyons Brewery with O’Brien developing a special beer academy for industry staff to teach them about the craft beer industry.

“We will be hosting workshops for bar and hotel staff looking at the craft beer process and industry to give them a better understanding of craft beers and what makes them special,” explained O’Brien.

“During the workshops, we will look at the different brewing styles of craft beer, comparing Irish and American methods. We will also look at the ingredients that go into craft beers and their taste profiles,” he added.

The late Dr Pearse Lyons was the first Irishman to achieve a formal degree in brewing and distilling from the British School of Malting and Brewing. Following his move to the United States in the late 1970s, Lyons opened his first brewery in Lexington, Kentucky in 1999. He purchased the Station Works Brewery in Newry along with the Cumberland Brewery Ltd in Cumbria in England in 2015 from the late Northern Irish businessman Lord Ballyedmond. In 2017, Dr. Lyons, along with his wife Deirdre opened the Pearse Lyons Distillery in the historic St. James Church in the heart of Dublin’s Liberties.

Pictured above: Mark Lyons, President & CEO Alltech & John O’ Brien, Master Brewer of the Pearse Lyons Brewery


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