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Q-KANGAROO: The Dundalk-created mobile ordering app

Q-KANGAROO: The Dundalk-created mobile ordering app

Q-KANGAROO is an app platform for food and beverage retailers; it is a powerful tool for handling prepaid pick up, sit in, delivery and at table ordering. Although born and bred in Dundalk, aspirations are to take the app not only Ireland-wide but UK-wide.

Q-KANGAROO launched in November 2018 as an ‘order ahead’ app, offering consumers in the test areas of Dundalk and Swords the ability to order and prepay for coffee and snacks in local cafes and restaurants. 

This test was phase one in the development of a complete mobile ordering solution for the food and beverage industry. 

Over the following months, as people started using the app, what would be required to deliver that complete solution became clearer: 

  • Although there are many types of pre ordering option (including the familiar pick up and delivery apps), the test revealed a significant demand for ‘sit in’ and ‘at table’ ordering solutions. 
  • Many outlets want to offer loyalty programmes to their customers. 

The goal for the Q-KANGAROO team became to design an app that could fulfil all these requirements and more, in order to offer a real advantage over competitors.

In early February 2020, Q-KANGAROO released a completely new version of its app, offering all the features above plus an upgraded ‘wallet’ function which allows seamless commission-free currency conversion. The new wallet capabilities are of particular benefit to people regularly visiting Northern Ireland or travelling to Britain. 

Q-KANGAROO now delivers: all the various pre-ordering options; a ‘wallet’ allowing instant currency conversion; in-app store loyalty schemes; plus an in-app chat function which provides both group and broadcast chats, as well as one-to-one chat (thereby allowing group orders to be sorted by offices and businesses without leaving the application). 

The much-enhanced app is now ready to begin a major roll-out; the Q-KANGAROO sales team is busy opening up the Belfast market and there are intentions to build a presence in cities across the UK later this year.

More locally, with commission rates at half those of Just Eat and as a marketplace app bringing customers and retailers together in one place, Q-KANGAROO looks forward to listing many more local food outlets and making Dundalk ‘a Q-KANGAROO town!’

These are exciting times for Q-KANGAROO and the brand’s roll-out should lead to additional local jobs in sales and support services over the coming months.