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Rampark NS students organise Virtual Firewalk as a thank you to fire service

Rampark NS students organise Virtual Firewalk as a thank you to fire service

The sixth class children of Rampark National School in Jenkinstown have organised a fundraising event for the local fire service.

The Rampark NS Virtual Firewalk will take place on Sunday June 28th.

The event has been organised to thank the fire service for their efforts in dealing with the fires that recently ravished the Jenkinstown and Lordship areas.

Writing on their GoFundMe page, organisers Andrea Phillips and Lorraine Dunne said: “Rampark NS Graduation Class of 2020 want to show their support for the brave firefighters and others who tirelessly fought the fires that raged across our community a few short weeks ago.

“The fires raged for days, and we looked on helplessly – grateful for the bravery of the men and women who battled to keep us, our homes and our community safe.

“We owe them. Our community owes them. We want to give back something.

“On Sunday June 28th at 3pm, two small, socially-distanced groups will walk from Rockmarshall and Piedmont, along the main road to Rampark. We will walk in the shadow of the fires, and every glance towards the mountain will remind us why we walk – to raise funds that will ensure the firefighters have all they need to sustain them in similar battles again.

“We want to let them know how much we appreciate their bravery – to thank them for looking after our community, our neighbours, our friends who feared the worst on those dreadful days and nights when our beautiful forest and mountain was engulfed by fire. Please support us, as we try to support them, and donate what you can.”

You can donate to the cause here.